Thursday, February 14, 2013

I never knew it was this bad.....

I'm in Colorado Springs this week for a water/wastewater conference, and was ordered by my bosses to go to the local gun purveyors to check out the selection (and to get a brick of .22 ammo for the teenage girl staying with my wife because she hears noises outside all the time).  First store always had rows and rows and pallets of ammo.  Not one useful round.  No .22, no .357.  Nothing.  I was told if I showed up about an hour and a half before the store opened Friday, I might be able to buy a box.  Not two, but only one box. Scary.

Went to the other good gun store.  Still plenty of guns, limited ammo.  Heard the shopkeeper tell a guy that they are backed up on background checks because the state is dragging their feet getting them done as their version of gun control.  If it takes 2 weeks to get the check done, then it might keep people from buying guns.

I think the most worry some thing is the selection of fiction and non-fiction books a the gun store contained books that I own.  Made me concerned that the fiction I read is the future non-fiction.

Just a thought.