Saturday, January 7, 2012


So, there I was on Wednesday.  Leaving the ranch at dusk to drive to town to pick up the wife for dinner (she had to go to Limon, CO for a business seminar).  I looked over to the neighbor's mobile home across the street from my driveway and do a triple take.  The mobile home was missing.  I hope they moved out (they enjoy dumping their trash on their fence line and letting the wind blow it onto my property.  Missing.  It's the biggest thing near my house.

So I call my good friend from down the street.  He confirms that they "moved" out on New Year's day.  3 days before.  My neighbor's craphole single wide had been moved for 3 DAYS before I noticed.  How could I miss that?


But, at least if SHTF, that is one family I don't have to worry about.  They seemed ill prepared for anything, and seemed to be the kind of animals that would raid our house at a drop of a hat.

Hopefully their land will be for sale soon so you preppers that need a Colorado retreat among friends can come build next door.

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Brownsville Shooting.

It drives me nuts to read the headlines and stories about the "victim" in the Brownsville shooting this week.  And here is my points on the matter:

1) The kid brought something to school that resembled a gun.  He knew that it wasn't allowed and he did it anyway.

2) The kid brandished the weapon as if it was a gun, pointing it at people, including law enforcement officers.

3) The kid was repeatedly told by law enforcement officers to drop the weapon, or at least lower it.

4)  From what I read, he had the gun pointed at law enforcement officers when he was shot.

Now, I know the parents and grandparents are devastated. They should be.  However, they shouldn't point the blame on the LEOs.  Do you think anyone with a badge would want to shoot a 15 year old dead inside a school?  He's got to live with that thought for the rest of his life.  But the kid was warned, and refused to comply.

I feel sorry for the students that had to witness this, the LEO that had to shoot him, and the family that has no one to blame but themselves.

And another thing-- if the kid had a real gun, would the family be so vocal of police shootings if that kid had killed 13 students and teachers before the cops brought him down?