Thursday, February 14, 2013

I never knew it was this bad.....

I'm in Colorado Springs this week for a water/wastewater conference, and was ordered by my bosses to go to the local gun purveyors to check out the selection (and to get a brick of .22 ammo for the teenage girl staying with my wife because she hears noises outside all the time).  First store always had rows and rows and pallets of ammo.  Not one useful round.  No .22, no .357.  Nothing.  I was told if I showed up about an hour and a half before the store opened Friday, I might be able to buy a box.  Not two, but only one box. Scary.

Went to the other good gun store.  Still plenty of guns, limited ammo.  Heard the shopkeeper tell a guy that they are backed up on background checks because the state is dragging their feet getting them done as their version of gun control.  If it takes 2 weeks to get the check done, then it might keep people from buying guns.

I think the most worry some thing is the selection of fiction and non-fiction books a the gun store contained books that I own.  Made me concerned that the fiction I read is the future non-fiction.

Just a thought.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Upcoming Civil War.

Too many times in movies some protagonist mentions that they can feel the storm a-comin’.  That the battle around the corner somehow causes the temperature to drop, and the dreariness of the situation manifests itself with heavy and dark clouds. 
That’s what it feels like as the government decides on how to punish its citizens for the stupidity of the few.  It’s been below -30 most nights here and I can’t remember what above freezing feels like outside. I don’t think it could get colder and bleaker, but each week Mother Nature tries to outdo Uncle Sam.
Seriously, though, there is a coming storm.  I’m not a history buff, but if I was, I could draw comparisons between 1860 and 2013.  Rural “buffoons” and urban “enlightened” people, and state’s enumerated rights all seem to come full circle.  I bet back in those days, we didn’t have the bloated federal government and IOUs to the planet to contend with. 
It seems to me that the urbanites think that anything they excrete into a toilet smells like roses.  Most believe that guns are evil and gun owners want to kill, kill, kill.  The police are their defense, and most places have response time of minutes.  Further, guns must come with the black mask and black pillowcase that they keep their loot in.  I’ve tried to explain that where I live, an hour response time from the sheriff is great, and burglars don’t wait for the sheriff to come when I call.  Anything that holds bullets must be some sort of assault rifle.  Basically, they are uneducated and ignorant fools.
I feel a civil war brewing.  It’s getting more palpable by the minute.  It’ll be over guns, but not because guns are bad or evil.  It’ll be over guns because the President wants you to look at guns as the government spends the last of the money and collapses.  Guns are a way to polarize the country in an instant, and with 24/7 media, can point out every shooting and murder as another reason to get the guns.  Anything to keep the attention off of the upcoming collapse is their motive.
It’ll be a doozy when it comes.  Everyone has a black or white answer for gun control.  Not a lot of people just don’t care about the issue.  It’s not a topic that people can ride the fence on, like abortion, Social Security, or who’s gonna win American Idol this season.  It’s a yes or no decision.  And for the people, like myself, who think that less control of guns and ammo in this country is best, it puts us in the position of the Confederacy, the rebels, the outlaws.  We buck the accepted social norm, or what the liberal agenda touts. 
Where will it begin?  Will it start with the sheriff coming for my guns? Maybe.  Maybe it will start before that, when the sheriff refuses to get obey any order that confiscates my guns.  Maybe.  Maybe it will start before that when State governors say no to the Federal government’s order to take my guns.  Maybe.  But whenever it does start, there will be no switching sides.  You are either for the Constitution or for the current Government.  Brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, the stories all sound vaguely familiar. 
This revolution will be televised, but only by the liberal media, and only while the food stamp checks clear the bank.  After that… Your guess is as good as mine.