Monday, July 25, 2011

Shopping in Denver.

Took the Beautiful Wife to Denver this weekend.  She earned it.  I promised her a new purse if she helped my put in a fence for the new garden and let me get a nice big greenhouse.  As we drove into the outskirts of town where all these yuppie communities lie, she mentioned that it was pretty and was thinking about moving there.

She could if she wanted to.  Without me.  You couldn't catch me in East California that is Denver for more than 48 hours.

The hillside was beautiful, rolling hills of what was once green.  Now stucco homes fill the hillside.  How can anyone pay half a million for a house with no yard, your neighbors can look out their window into your window, and one could hop from rooftop to rooftop for miles, not to mention that every house looks identical.  It boggles the mind.  Never the less, we made it to our hotel by the mall that we love.  It's so convenient to our visits and it keeps us on the edge of town, away from their God-ugly stadium.

One trip to the mall changed the Beautiful Wife's mind.  The parking lot was filled with high-end, brand new vehicles.  What depression?  These must have been the people Fearless Leader has been saying wasn't paying all the money they have  their fair share.  Once inside, we were glad we live in the middle of nowhere.

It was a competition to be the richest, snootiest, fakest person you can be.  My weekend garb in town is usually sneakers, shorts, and a collared shirt with a 5 day scruffle on my face.  These guys tried their hardest to replicate my look, but to notch it up to the nth degree of douche-iness.  There were 6 year olds in heels with a cell phone up against their heads.  I could have sworn that there was a teenage hooker convention in the mall.  It was saddening to see such a waste of human life.  I did enjoy Pottery Barn.  I do love a store that copies antiques and makes them look really old, then sells it for three times it should be worth to people that want to impress their neighbors.

Dinner was at a nice restaurant (thanks in-laws for the gift card).  Beautiful Wife made my day when she pointed out how shallow these sheeple were that were in the restaurant.  I agreed.  Most of these people looked like they were up to their neck in debt, and the instant the country looked worse and interest rates would go up, they were sunk.  Probably most only had a few days worth of food in their house.  Power loss and water loss would mean they would stand in front of their sink, turning it on and off for hours, hoping that it would come back on.

It was nice for a minute to bask in the knowledge that when SHTF happens, we are much better prepped than most of the sheeple, and it takes more than a tank of gas to get from that urban center to our homestead.

Oh, I have to mention that I saw a teen with a shirt on that read "Friends don't let friends vote Republican".  He looked like he hadn't bathed in a week, his hair was wild and he had a vacant stare.  I just shook my head as such an obvious example on why I don't vote for liberals.  That kind of stupid should be painful.


  1. I stay out of cities, except for very rare and essential visits, for exactly the reasons you posted about. I have nothing in common with "the beautiful people."

  2. I'm almost embarrassed to say it, but we like the occasional big city visit for the fabric selection. We love to quilt. Keeps my blood pressure down. We love the Sam's trips, and most of the nice malls have the kitchen shops that I like to buy pots and pans from. Beautiful Wife and I have what most people consider expensive tastes for furniture and pots and pans. But between us, we like to buy stuff that will last generations, not just years. And you can rarely find that in small town furniture stores.

    I do, however, like to get in and get out of Denver. That city is too liberal, and it shows. The roads are about 2 feet narrower then the should be, and we can never park our truck anywhere due to its size. Maybe I should get a Smart car for my Denver visits (but only after I castrate myself and beat my head with a bat until I have an IQ of 14).