Friday, January 6, 2012

The Brownsville Shooting.

It drives me nuts to read the headlines and stories about the "victim" in the Brownsville shooting this week.  And here is my points on the matter:

1) The kid brought something to school that resembled a gun.  He knew that it wasn't allowed and he did it anyway.

2) The kid brandished the weapon as if it was a gun, pointing it at people, including law enforcement officers.

3) The kid was repeatedly told by law enforcement officers to drop the weapon, or at least lower it.

4)  From what I read, he had the gun pointed at law enforcement officers when he was shot.

Now, I know the parents and grandparents are devastated. They should be.  However, they shouldn't point the blame on the LEOs.  Do you think anyone with a badge would want to shoot a 15 year old dead inside a school?  He's got to live with that thought for the rest of his life.  But the kid was warned, and refused to comply.

I feel sorry for the students that had to witness this, the LEO that had to shoot him, and the family that has no one to blame but themselves.

And another thing-- if the kid had a real gun, would the family be so vocal of police shootings if that kid had killed 13 students and teachers before the cops brought him down?


  1. But he was a good kid...
    He was a great neighbor, always polite and friendly...

    An unfortunate situation. I feel as if the family wanted the cops to see what came out of the gun first.
    Not an option.

  2. I just can't seem to muster any sympathy for this kid. And this is coming from someone who doesn't much like the police.... but they did the right thing.

  3. Max, that's what they always say. When I am interviewed when my neighbors go nuts, I'm not saying that. It'll be "he had it coming, such a rotten egg" or "I sure hope they find more bodies in their basement."

    I guess they always say they're good kids. But good kids don't point a weapon of any kind at LEO.

  4. Suicide by cop, if you ask me. Maybe he played too many video games, thought he could take them on. Sad, very sad.

  5. Matt, I agree. They did exactly what they were supposed to.

    Rob, the sadder part is that he did this in front of students, scarring them for life.

  6. It's sad, no matter how you look at it.

  7. i don't even know what to say in situations like's sad for everyone involved. so very sad.

    glad to see you posting again Mudbrotha!

    your friend,

  8. I'm kind of with Rob on this. And it is very sad.