Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Update on my Grandma.

Hey everyone!  

Sorry it's been so long.  We've been swamped here.  Got 2 new goats from the Chief of Police from the town I work at, so now up to 12 goats, 7 girls, 4 newborn boys, and 1 breeding buck.

Just finished making jams and jellies, and the wife is finishing up on goat's milk soap, goat's milk lotion, bath salts, fizzy bath bombs, and we need to finish one more quilt as a gift.

Our new Pyrenees mix and Sam our Pyrenees went missing 10 days ago.  C'est la vie, as my grandma would say.  We miss them and hope they come back, and if someone stole them, I hope they get constant painful hemorrhoids and gaping chest wounds.

After 3 months and 3 days, I got to hear my grandmother's voice again.  It seems that she raised such a ruckus that she got sent home from the "undisclosed location."  My mom's sis ran into a mutual friend of my dad's a few weeks ago and she said that the friend knew my grandma was alive, but she was not allowed to say where she was.  But my evil aunt and eviler stepmother are at her house with her 24/7 with 2 nurses.  My grandma made it very clear that she is going to die at her house and to hell with going into a nursing home.  She has some sort of disease that is deteriorating random muscles in her body and this started with her throat muscles.

I say good for her.  94 years is a good run, and if she is ready to go, then she's earned the right to pick where she goes.  Her husband built that house for her 40 years ago and I am so proud that she held her ground when her sons want to dump her in a nursing home and take all of her money and run.

From what she said, she was upset that no one contacted me in 3 months, and that she has had several surgeries and was on the brink for a while.

I would say that keep her in your prayers for a recovery, but I ask that you keep her in your prayers that she can have a moment of peace in her life before she goes...

On to Wyoming next week to hunt some wabbits and spend Christmas with my sister-in-law and the little hellions that I am corrupting into screaming "GEAUX TIGERS" whenever they see football on.


  1. Sounds like a fun trip you will be taking. I have never been there myself.

  2. It sounds like your grandma wants to go out on her own terms, my thoughts are with her for peace and tranquility.

    Sorry to hear your dogs have vanished. Perhaps they will come wandering back. I always cringe and missing dog posters, it's a wild country.

    Roll tide :)

  3. I do love Wyoming. Shoot a bunch.

  4. MDR, it's always a trip there. 10 hours and we do it at night so we can spend more time with the niece and nephew. He's almost 5 now and shoots his limit on rabbits.

    Max, you are right about my grandma, and I wish her Godspeed, but talk to her until that time. I have faith that the dogs will return home, and will find their way back once the snow melts.

    Stephen, I'll post pics of the victims. And the delicious stew we make of them.

  5. Muddy, dear friend, brotha from anotha - i have missed you!

    i am sorry that you have not had word about your grandmother in so long, but i am very glad that you have finally gotten some news. she sounds like she is able to stand her ground and i am glad that she is back in the house that her husband built for her. we will pray that she passes on her own terms, in her own time, and that her passing will be peaceful and that her husband will be there to take her over.

    i am sorry to hear about your dogs but ya know what? they may have gotten loose and someone who really wanted awesome dogs may have found them and taken them home. at least that's what i told myself when my baby (a cat) went missing. so maybe they strayed a little too far and didn't know how to get home. and maybe someone is loving them as much as you did.

    i hope you have a wonderful trip. and please let us know all about it when you get back!

    missed you brother...a lot!

    your friend,

  6. kymber, You are making me blush at work. People are going to think I am looking at guns online again.

    Thanks for your kind words. I think my dogs got lost in the snowstorm and/or are chasing coyotes throughout the valley.


  7. Mudbrotha - i never want to make you blush at work! oh crap - i hope that they don't think you are looking at guns again - get to work buddy!

    i wish i could come down there and hug you - kind words be damned - i mean it! you have been there for me since day one - how the heck did we even meet? i can't even remember? i just know that your friendship has meant the world! and your friendship has meant the world to jambaloney too! he has sighed sooo many times reading our comments to each other on other people's blogs...mainly poor Stephen's...i think we need to branch out!

    buddy - your dogs are gonna be fine. if nothing else they are together....we just don't know where. but they are taking care of each other wherever they are, ok?

    i have you and yours, and your dogs, in mine and jambaloneys prayers. i have sooo missed you brother...i mean it. i am glad that you are back. i got your six...i know that you have mine!

    your friend,

  8. Bust a bushy tail for me, Bug. Hasenpfeffer sounds good right about now.

  9. Glad your doing ok and your grandmother is doing ok.

    Maybe if you want find peace in future years you can disown your family. If they want to be evil and conspire over money, let them go. Find your own money and build your own future, free of past evils.

    On your dogs, sorry that happend. I got four dogs. I keep them locked up when Im not home. Evan if I had a ranch, I would still lock them up when not home and restrict there roaming range. Most people are evil. In rural area's dogs are shot at evan if not a nuisance. I know I have a negative view of the world. Seventy percent of the humans out in the world are Zombies waiting to happen.
    I base my observations on past experiences and encounters in East Africa, Persian Gulf and in some of the cities I have been to here in the U.S.

  10. Muddy - just wanted you to know that you and yours are in our thoughts and prayers over this holiday season - we both wish you all the best!

    your friends,
    kymber and jambaloney