Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Iranian warships in the Gulf of Mexico?

Click here for the Fox News story.

Iran wants to deploy warships into the Gulf and East coast.  They have already tested long range ballistic missiles.  They have mentioned that they are interested in destroying the US.  They are interested in EMP nuclear weapons.

I think they are just going to the Gulf for our delicious Gulf shrimp, white sandy beaches, and fishing, right?


  1. Isn't that a hoot. We get to blow stuff to hell and back.

  2. And that's exactLy what they want to do and will do. Pop an EMP over us although they already have missiles that can reach space therefore they can already launch against us from their homeland

  3. I saw that and it raised the hair on the back of my neck. The Iranians are completely loose cannons, they'll soon have nuclear weapons if they don't already, they just got shipboard cruise missiles that can deliver that type of weapon. Where are the Israelis when we really need them!

  4. Maybe they are stupid enough to think they are a match for our Navy. I think those turbans cut of circulation to their brain. You can be sure of one thing our intell people will know if they scratch their butt on deck.

  5. I see great minds think alike. I spotted this also last night. Makes me wonder what they are up to. I to posted this with a link.

  6. they are out of oil and are looking to tap into deep horizon's leftovers

  7. Stephen, now they brought the war to us. Much easier on fuel if we can just fight them off the coast of Houston.

    Matt, Will the LameStreamMedia say anything about this before their loud mouths are taken off the air?

    AH, what is a $100 million warship and 400 Jihad sailors in exchange for 200 million Americans and the total destruction of the last superpower? Pretty good exchange rate.

    Duke, I think all they need to do is launch one. And if we don't catch it on it's way.... Besides, they know we will wipe Iran off the face of the earth. They will probably lob a few off to India and Israel as our birds fly towards them.

    Rob, I think our little survivalist group online thinks alike and that is almost reassuring.

    Jambaloney, maybe they finally heard about the Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Or maybe they have inbred their goats so much they need a fresh supply.