Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Odds and Ends

Sadly, I think this will become a weekly event.  I seem to have loose ends laying about and I don't want to forget anything.

First off, I promise I have the day aftermath of Katrina up in a few days.  I am looking for the email from LSU warning of looting in downtown BR (it was found to be false).  I may even add stuff from the power being out from Gustav (2008) to compare/contrast good and craptastic government.

I am an uncle to two great kids in Wyoming, Hunter (4) and Hippie(2).  The found that Uncle Mudbug is an excellent jungle gym.  However, Uncle Mudbug is now sore as heck.  Need a week off now.  I did discover that kids love poo and poop.  It was their favorite words.  Maybe it's the taboo of a "dirty" word that makes them love to say it.  All the time.  Hunter is all excited about rabbit hunting season again and cannot wait to go hunting with his dad, and Hippie runs around naked.  And talks to herself all of the time.  A little disturbing to see naked baby, but whatever.

Watched the stock market and gold prices all day.  Gold went up, Dow Jones (DJIA) went down.  DJIA was down 300, but closed down 100.96.   I can't wait to see how the President "helps" with his speech on Thursday.  Not at all encouraging.  But not surprising.

I'm trying to send rain to TX to help out.  We get an average rainfall of less than 8 inches a year, with 30 inches of snow (30 inches of snow translates into 3 inches of rain), and it has been raining every other day for two weeks.  As I am writing this, more rain is falling.  I love the rain and miss it from Louisiana, but I'm getting used to the lack of rain, and would rather others get it.  Besides, with the moronic water rules out here, the more it rains, the more water we owe to New Mexico, Texas, and Mexico from the Rio Grande.


  1. I think a little visiting time with kids that age would go a very long way with me.

  2. My whole life is an unraveled end of a shoelace. We finally got some rain after about a week of nothing (but 3 miles away at work we got hammered all week). It was nice to run in it this evening, very refreshing and fall-like.

  3. Ha. My three year old started calling me Buttface lately. Don't know where it came from but she thinks its pretty funny. Whatever. :-)

  4. teehee...i am 40 and now that we are at the homestead - run around naked all day! we go to the beach naked, we go down to the river naked, and we garden naked. it kind of sucked in may tho...we were out gardening for hours not realizing how many black flies were biting us. oh the places that you can be bitten when not wearing any clothes. june, july and august has been black flies, deer flies the size of your head and mosquitoes. we have bug nets but it just isn`t the same as being naked. by about the 3rd week in august we started to become a little more immune to the bites - still got them - just didn`t itch as much.

    we are praying for a nice september to continue our naked exploits for another few weeks. then it`s back to wearing clothes again. sigh.

    i am praying that some of our rain can find it`s way to texas.

    your friend,

  5. cool....my word for word verification was
    unseen....right on!


  6. stassja,
    I had no idea you were a nudist! I'll never tell, though.

  7. Arsenius - we didn't realize that we were nudists until about 6 years ago when we bought out first house. it was in the middle of the city but our yard was about a half an acre and we had no neighbours on either side. it was sheer heaven for about 4 and a half years! then we got neighbours. then we bugged out! oh and Arsenius - thanks for not telling!

    Mudbug - just in case you are interested, a few people have told us to start a blog. so we did. you can find us at http://framboisemanor.blogspot.com/

    only one post up right now but we plan to post about all of our experiences having bugged out nine months ago. would love to hear your thoughts, advice and suggestions on all that we are doing.

    take care my friend!

    kymber (who used to be known as stassja!)

  8. AH, it's been a rough week or two. I am trying to catch up. New job, bad time in La with family, grandma doing better (I think).

    Thanks for worrying about me.