Thursday, September 1, 2011


I think the last few days OPSEC has really been a concern in the blogosphere family that we are all a member of.  I think that some security is a good thing.  More than just razor wire around the property, security is being smart on the internet.

But I think that we can all respect each other's privacy.  I know Arsenius the Hermit's real name is not Arsenius.  It may be Tyrone, Barack, Cletus, or even Brenda.  I'm not saying.  I may not even know.  I'm not here to find out where people are from, where they live, or even what they do.  I could care less.  I'm here to become friends that are like minded, go though the same challenges as myself, and as a sounding board for things that may or may not work.

I think the consensus is that we are all vulnerable if we blog, to an extent.  If someone really wanted to get a hold of you, they can.  It's not that hard with the right tools.  But really, if you go through that much trouble to find someone that doesn't want to be found, we really have to ask your true intentions.  There is a mutual respect among survivalists, I believe, and that breaks it.

 I hope that one day if I find myself east of the Mississippi, I might get to meet some of my online friends.  Hopefully at the Waffle House.  God, their food is awful, but I miss it.  And if one of them feel the need to go skiing or a Food & Wine festival in Aspen, I hope they look me up.

I know that OPSEC is important, and we are all passionate about it, but I think we have beaten that dead horse.  Let's toss that dead equine over the fence of the neighbor we all despise and resume our usual conversations of fall preps and how this gun is better than that gun.  Oh, and how the Fighting Tigers of LSU is gonna whoop all your college teams.


  1. LSU is more like a high school football team. QUACK QUACK OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    But the waffle house, my god what horrible memories from Ft. Benning and Ft. Stewart. Gas was .98 for premium then at least.

  2. Mudbug - awesome post! i followed you here from the Hermit above...i have really enjoyed your comments on his blog - you seem real, practical and fun - my 3 favourite things to combine in an actual person!!!

    so looks like i need to catch up on your back posts - so i am off to read.

    nice to find a new blog "friend". isn't it strange that you can find people who are thousands of miles away that seem more friendly than the people who surround you daily?
    well not so much for me anymore...had the good fortune to leave the city and move to the actual middle of nowhere...and by middle of nowhere...i mean God's country. we are so happy to be here in a village of maybe 50 people. all of them are wonky, weird, strange, got lots of unregistered guns stored wherever the hell they choose...and i been here 7 months and have yet to see a police car or any kind of enforcement agency car although i have heard that there is an RCMP detachment about 2 hours from here...haven't seen it with my own eyes yet.

    love your comments on the Hermit's blog...loved this thinking i am going to love all of your earlier ones too!

    nice to make a new buddy...your new buddy,

  3. last thing...Arsenius' real name is Ezekiel MacDonald (that's a mac not a mick...he's scottish) - and he lives in Davyroyd, Saskatchewan, Canada....i bin' out to his place a few times...nice place, nice dogs...and all!

    teehee..u no hoo...and if ya don't, it's me, stassja

  4. We need to be cautious. I posted a good video yesterday about this very thing, how anyone can track us down if we are not careful.

  5. Max, any team that picks a mascot that is regularly served in a decent restaurant deserves to be beaten. There is no Tiger season...

    stassja, I've booked my plane ticket for the frozen Nawth for Christmas to see all Ezekial. I hear the Molson is fresher up there.

    Lila, BYU?!? Really? If you say so.

    AH, Matt, Duke: If I ever disagree with you guys, it'll be because someone's not explaining it right.

  6. In regards to Arsenius's real name, stassja, all I have to say is:

    E I E I O

  7. I guess we will find out Saturday night starting at 6pm (8pm for those of you on that side of the country). I'm will to put up a can of bread that it's ducks > tamil tigers.