Saturday, October 8, 2011

First snow of the year.

This post goes out to my friend Arsenius the Hermit to remind him that old man winter is coming and he's heading for the mountains.

Woke up to some snow in the garden.

The chickens are still out and about in the snow.

The driveway is filled up.

White out conditions.

the non-pregnant goats and Sam looking for food from me.

Pow Pow getting ready to pop, in her pen.

 The Tweedles are ready to pop, too.  Couldn't get them to sit still for very long.

We got several inches last night of the white stuff.  The mountain pass to the west of the homestead got 3 feet of snow Thursday night. It's coming and we haven't all the winterizing done yet.  So busy day today before the LSU Tigers whoop the Florida Gators in a couple of hours.  We hope to get the wire and switches soon to wire the barn.  Another project, another time.


  1. oh crap - snow already? brrrrr!

    here on our island we normally (knocking on wood and my head for good luck) don't get snow until late december....i feel for you, buddy!

    and thanks for more pics - i love pics on blogs! and i love how Arsenius always changes his header pics. i need to learn how to do that too!

    your friend,

  2. Ugggg..... I think fall got skipped for quite a few people. Here we are in a yo-yo pattern. 70 today. 65 a couple days ago. 95 a few days before that. 85 next week. Probably adding to my icks.

  3. Isn't it amazing how it changes here. Sunburn to snow blind in 7 days!

  4. Max, we are even tempting fate. We're heading to Springs after LSU finishes stomping Florida in a few...

  5. That's really beautiful. What really impresses me is how far you can see. You have this terrific view from your place, 360 degrees. I'm all closed in by the woods for the most part. That looks almost "prehistoric." It's as well everyone has somewhere warm to go,the goats look really cozy.

  6. oh how beautiful! yes LSU did whomp the gaytors... : )

  7. No snow for us this year, next we should be back up north after 5 years. Yes the Gators are licking their wounds. :(. Oh well.

  8. yikes!!!

    noooooooo.we're not ready!!

    back in ottawa we would often get snow in october, here we probably won't see any until mid-november. don't get me wrong, i like snow, it's pretty. but it adds up and we had a 50 foot driveway i had to plow, often at the most inopportune times... like 5AM before work - bleck!

    pretty though, so are your animals ;-)

  9. It snowed here in Colorado Springs too... not like that though. My cousin lives in Black Forest and they got about 7 inches... I love it! Im having a hard time figuring out how to post comments on here other then under anonymous but this is Frugal Redneck Housewife.

  10. You should have called, I could have dropped your bread off while you were in town. I keep getting asked why I have a can of bread on the counter. Damn ducks.