Saturday, October 15, 2011

Using the 1st Amendment to protect the 2nd.

Love it.

However, I'm sure that they live in a subdivision with a HOA with Nazi-style laws, banning the use of these signs.  Besides, I'm sure when their neighbors get robbed, they will be sued for instigating.  

And if I posted that sign, it would be shot down in hours.  


  1. That sign is classic. In my neighborhood just about every house is armed. How do I know, a few told me they have guns. A few more return home with from their ranches with a dead deer or two in the back of the truck.

    Thank God I live in Texas.

  2. The stop signs in my area indicate that people do not like to stop and that they are well armed. The groupings are also nice.

    Actually, when we bought the property, that's how I identified the correct corner. The stop sign had the right spray pattern.

  3. This is a classic and I love it.

  4. Hey Mudbug,

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  5. CC, I now have something to do today. Cruise the internet for Zombie Max ammo.

    Stephen, I think this guy has the right idea. It will really make his neighbor think about gun control.

  6. his neighbor is an idiot if he doesn't ;-)

    but yeah, judging by the sign and the lawn, it's not an approved colour, down it comes!!

  7. mudbug:

    maybe if the sign showed a unicorn kissing a rainbow it might get approved, ya think?

  8. jambaloney,

    I think the only way it would remain is if there was a big Obama/Hillary '12 sign covering up the first sign.

  9. teeheeheehee...and that is all!

    your friend,