Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How will it end and how do you think it will end?

First of all, I think the whole hash mark thingy for the Occupy Wall St. is moronic and a sign that normal human communications is devolving into 160 characters (or however it fits).  #OWS.  Stupid.  However, I can embrace it enough to make fun of it.  #OccupyTheBarn or #OTB.  The goats have hit the 150 day mark and need to kid.  Now.  I'm tired of waiting, so I am #OTB and will chant, bang my bongos and refuse to shower until my demands are met (3 preggo goats, I want 8 babies (the over/under bet with my wife is 6 babies)), or until I get tired and/or have to go to work.

Onto the 99%.  I had a blinding flash of the obvious today.  99% of the population is unhappy with ______.  No kidding.  I bet 99% are unhappy because their job isn't cool enough, their pay isn't good enough, their woman/man isn't pretty enough, they never thought that they would have to actually pay bills, or even the things they want are hard to get.  It's called life.  It's tough, then you die.  It's an easy formula.  Consider yourself lucky you live in the era you do.  In the 1940's you would have been shipped off on a free vacation to the other side of the planet to meet new people and kill them.  And if you would have bitched this much about it, your friends would have shot you.  But that was the greatest generation.  BTW, you are embarrassing their memories by protesting.  THEY went to war to defend our freedom. Gladly, because THEY were taught a sense of duty and honor.  Some died there.  THEY came home, finished school, went to work, worked long and hard to get that piece of the American dream THEY dreamed about on the shores of Europe and Asia.  THEY became parents, not friends, of their kids and sacrificed to make sure their kids never had to go through what THEY did.  THEY left their world a better place then how they found it, and THEY are dying at a rate of 1,000 a day.  When THEY are gone, who will remind us of what the American Spirit is?  99%?  Maybe if you work, you can join the 1%.  But whining is so much easier.  Babies.

Duke's Post about TEOTWAWKI the other day got me thinking.  I know I give a lot of thought about how it might happen.  My question to you is three fold:

  1. How do you think the SHTF will occur?
  2. What would be the worse case scenario that you are preparing for?
  3. If you had to decide how it would happen, what would be the "best" scenario?
Honestly, I would like to see if my worst case is really the worst that could happen.

Off to bang my bongos or play the TIVO copy of the XFactor to the goats until they submit.


  1. Very loaded questions, my friend. Short answers are hard, but, what - dollar crash.

    Worse case, zombies (read democritters) riots, shooting, bashing heads for food or whatever they want.

    Third question, see one. As I preach to my friends in our 'group,' don't live in fear, lived prepared.

  2. I'll ditto Stephen's comments for now. There are simply too many different evils out there currently that threaten us these days.

    "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst." has become far more than a cliche in today's scary times.

  3. I think I should answer my own question, too.

    1) Dollar crash (Short answer). #OWS is the start, with a stock market crash, rising prices for heating oil may be the triple crown to cause hyperinflation as the White House is clueless on how to even change a light bulb. Look to DC to implode, taking the world down into a colapse.

    2)EMP (Short answer). I fear that some oil tanker will be hijacked off the coast of Somalia and fitted with a cargo container. Ransom paid, and onto the LOOP (Louisiana Offshore Oil Platform) for unloading. The cargo container opens, and an Iranian missile launches from it, heading for Topeka, KS. Or at least 80 miles above Topeka. Detonation. No one sees it coming, no one had any warning. We get thrown back into the dark ages in seconds.

    3) Dollar crash. If I had to pick it. I want to take an ounce of gold and pay off my student loans and house before it all collapses.

  4. The world will come to an end when I run out of coffee, beer and toilet paper all at the same time.

    Bongo's dont work on goats. Try folk music from the 60's. You will have baby goats dropping out all over the place.

    About that EMP stuff. If that happens you will have to play folk music to them goats with an accustic guitar.

  5. Almost forgot, them protestors out there in New York City are about as smart as goats.

    Get some granola and make a trail of granola leading outside New York and the protestors will follow it and eat it like the good little goats they are.

  6. CC, we are moving the TV out there so we can show "Toddlers and Tiaras" to them until they birth.

    The NYC crew need more than granola. You have to add the Washington Post, Starbucks, iPhones, and university political science teachers on the path out of town.

  7. The Year Without a Summer on my post might give you an inkling of a possibility.

  8. ROTFLMAO You guys are all funny. To a point. Yes that all of this will happen. D.C. is out of touch.

  9. How do you think the SHTF will occur?
    I think we're going to run out of water. Horrible evil companies I hate have managed to privatize one of the basic rights we should have as humans, that is free access to water, I believe it to be a resource that belongs to us all. As we speak more and more water sources are being bought by these companies. Running out of oil is another possibility. I think SHTF will happen due to running out of some natural resource.
    What would be the worse case scenario that you are preparing for? I'm not preparing for anything big. Only for surviving natural disasters and other foreseeable emergencies. I think my biggest act as a prepper is learning and acquiring knowledge and skills. And a few tools.
    If you had to decide how it would happen, what would be the "best" scenario?
    The best scenario would be that whatever horrible thing happens I'm with my husband and can reach my dog and supplies. Hopefully we'd be a good way out of highly populated areas as I believe the second worst danger after whatever happens happens will be other people.

  10. SHTF--All utilites will be lost, whether by natural forces or by human forces.
    Worst case--lack of food and water, but I don't have a stock to feed me for long or well
    Best case--following mudbug, pay off student loan with few silver coins I have. Seriously, I would want to be at my home. Plus, I would want my children and grandchildren around. But, their NOT being here is the most certain of things on this list.

  11. bahahahaha - okay captaincrunch is killing me here and i needed a good laugh since the events of the last several days - so thank you captain - bahahah!

    oh Mudbug - NOT Toddlers and Tiaras?!?!?!? that is the reason we got rid of tv. we happened to nonchalantly land on it one night looking for something to watch and were both entranced, sickened and horrified at the same time. it was like watching a train-wreck - disgusting but can't take your eyes off of it. we cancelled tv the next day, have not had it since december 2010 and plan never to get it again! oh i shudder thinking of that show and i was just having a good giggle over the captain's comments! like a true brother, mudbug, you know how to ruin everything!

    as for answering your questions, hang on, i gotta go back up and re-read...

    #1. it will start with an economic crash. we have all heard about russians, haitians, croatians, etc. with wheelbarrows of money trying to buy bread. and that would be followed by a total down-grid situation - no more electricity as there is no money to pay workers or pay for gas, oil, etc.

    #2. worst-case scenario that we prepare for is "Zombieland". so we have both promised ourselves NOT to shoot Bill Murray no matter what.

    #3. if the economy crashes and there is an EMP or down-grid-no-electricity scenario, we hope that everyone will find a safe place to be - whether that is bugging-in in an apartment building with others and taking care of each other and learning how to grow and store their own food, or our particular situation - where we are in a small fishing community (these people KNOW how to fish - and so does jambaloney), we are all really tight, everyone has skills to offer, i am a pretty practiced gardener and seed-saver and can teach others and we have 10 acres of land and are very willing for others to join us. i think i have mentioned several times on our blog that if you want our exact address - i will share it ( we have a small community, wonderful people and tons of land to share with anyone who is interested in working hard after SHTF.

    and i would pray that one of you, on your way here, would pick up my friend, Practical Parsimony.

    and we would all learn lifestyle practices of people who came less than 100yrs before us. and managed very well. i am not trying to make it sound romantic - but our ancestors lived without electricity and so can we.

    so that's my answer, brother, and i am sticking to it.

    oh and i read on someone else's blog that your goats kidded 11? did i remember that correctly?

    congrats dear brother!
    your sister,

  12. Stephen may be right, I believe what possibly may trigger a collapse will be a major war in the middle east which would cripple the oil supply and force countries to take sides much like WWII, you add that to nukes being set off by India, Iran, Korea, China....that's a lot of bad Ju-Ju

  13. kymber, We did have the last of the babies last night. Will upload pics soon. Trying to catch up on sleep and cleaning. I am all for learning the ways from 100 years ago. Simple, easy, hard, and the only way once SHTF.

    We got rid of our tv last December, too. I got a better job last month and got the tv back, but we have drastically cut down on the amount we watch. The wife has a collection of shows she has to watch, and I like Modern Marvels.

    EMP has to be the worst. No warning, no getting ready. Levels the playing filed in a hurry. You either are ready or you are not.

    PP, we worry about family. They know how we feel, and we know how well they are prepping. We have extra for them if they can make it, but we accept that they may not come.

    GoodBagGirl, Water is life out here in the alpine desert here in south Colorado. I worked for a couple years as a civil engineer, with my boss as the valley's resident water engineer. Our valley is sitting on something like 5 billion acre-feet of water, with our water table at ~5 feet. Water is something that is being fought over with the farmers, and they are losing. With that being said, our well is permitted for our house, livestock, and an acre garden. Water was an important concern about our choice of location.

  14. i kinda ran outta steam trying to get my head around this over the years..

    kymber found our BOL and we made it. i am grateful beyond words. water is abundant, hunter-gathering is possible here and we are growing food etc. we will survive most anything.

    my biggest fear is dramatic climate change, but somehow i have this nagging feeling that SHTF will take years and be slow and painful for those who aren't preparing for it. i think and hope that the rest of us will have time to get somewhere safe.

    you have kymber's email ;-)

  15. hey mudbug, thanks for the reply, im glad you're set up for water, it's crazy but that's one of the things that worry me the most, i think we can always find something to eat even if its nasty but water is life .... glad for kymber and jamb too, i might be asking them for their address sometime, excellent post for fostering discussion