Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Friends in low places.

Was over at a friend’s house last weekend.  His wife works with my wife.  Him and I are in related fields.  We got to talking about the governmental downgrade.  He mentioned that he has no faith in the government and we are heading for a crash and if I was smart, I would start to prepare.  I grabbed him, brought him over to my wife and made him repeat it, word for word. 

See, Beautiful Wife, I’m not crazy.  (P.S. AR-15 makes a great birthday present, too.)  Our friends think that and thought we were worthy to be warned.  Not that he was surprised when I mentioned we are getting prepped. 

I got to see his fine gun collection. (It’s hard to justify weapon purchases with the wife. But she is getting a better idea of how important they are, and she knows she needs to learn how to use them.)  He has some prepping done, but they are looking to move in the next few months to years further north, out of the valley.  With their two year old.  I think the wife was more surprised to see her friend has a handgun in her purse at all times for protection.  She never would have guessed.  When I built the house, I overbuilt a lot of the systems.  One is the water line, and the other is septic tank.  We have 2 bedrooms, but the tank and leach field are designed for 8-10 people.  It was a few dollars more and makes sense.  I think I may offer our friends the extra room and/or loft if SHTF.  Their preps overlap ours, and where they fall short (water, sewer, gardening) we have extra, and where we fall short (manpower, weapons), they have extra.  I will have to talk to the Wife about this, but I think it would be much better than us just being alone when it all goes down. 

Went to work while the stock market tanked on Monday.  Mentioned Tuesday to the surveyor that he needed to stock up on gold.  He said he has bullets.  Lots of them.  And he went shopping yesterday and stocked up on food.  Six months, I asked.  He got 3 years’ worth of food and cases of MRE’s.  He said (and I hope he’s joking) when it all goes down, he’s poisoning his chickens because he knows they’ll be stolen and he’s got a cannon that has a 3 mile range. 

In a matter of 4 days, I discovered 2 friends that are bigger preppers than me.  It’s like the old saying that if you find a couple needles in a haystack, then that thing must be stuffed with needles.  If that is the case, I’m beginning to feel a lot better living in the boonies, even if my neighbors are the crazy ones.


  1. 3 mile cannon, that is great. I want one.

  2. Trust me, there are far more of 'us' than you could begin to believe...many are formed into 'group' of like minded individuals.

  3. MDR,
    I don’t ever question my surveyor. This is a man who booby traps his firewood with gunpowder to keep his neighbor from stealing it.

    From reading the blogs I realize that the West is full of preppers. And this area is made up of Mormons and Amish, so I know preppers rule this valley. I think it’s more refreshing to see that my tin foil hat ideas are more mainstream here than I thought. It also puts my wife’s mind at ease. She knows that I am right, she is happier that others think the same way.

  4. This uncertainty is flushing a lot of people out of the woodwork. I think Stephen hit it on the head, there's a lot more survivalists out there than meet the ready eye.

  5. Even here in the Indiana sticks I have 6 months of food, one month of water, and ammo to last for years...Wonder if my neighbors would shit if they knew!

  6. AH,
    I think you and Stephen are right. The more I open my eyes out here in the sticks I realize that the Rocky Mountain areas of Colorado should be part of James Rawles' redoubt. Lots of the transplants here, and 80% are preppers. Had an organic granola eating, Subaru driving, hippy friend of mine mention that she was going to Vegas for a gun class and had to buy cases of ammo. (not that I have a problem with hippies.) Dawned on us the other day that she was a prepper if she was getting advanced weapon training. It makes me smile, thinking she had years of soybeans tucked away.

    Good luck! I got in-laws south in Washington, IN. It's pretty there and like here, they have the Amish.

  7. Don't forget about the hill folk. We're preppers from a long way back. Durn revenuers...