Friday, August 5, 2011

What do we do now?

What do we do now?  The sharks smell the blood in the water.  The stock market has been dropping like a lead turd for a while now, and people are starting to realize the debt ceiling debacle from earlier this week does nothing for anybody, except for the President.  He gets a blank check to keep spending until 2012... if there is a government still by then.

I used to read Fox News and then read some of the comments.  I would get mad at the Democrats for their starry eyed approach at everything.  They would love to claim to be tolerant of everything, well, everything but those damn Republicans and “teabaggers.”  Those people could rot in hell as far as they were concerned. 

Now I’m mad at both sides.  Both spent their time screaming and fighting, acting like we wanted them to for our side.  Everybody had a plan, no one could agree, and the President looked like the tired mom walking through the mall while the two kids fought over who got to ride in the front seat on the way home.

So what did we accomplish?  Nothing.  It’s all the usual smoke and mirrors.  Sure, it’s X many trillions of dollars over a decade, but really it’s nothing.  In my mind, it’s the equivalent to cutting $1,000 a month in our family’s budget by saying I won’t buy a new car in 6 years, and I promise not to start smoking cigarettes in the future (I don’t smoke now).  Oh, and for real cuts right now, I plan to shop at the Safeway instead of the City Market, saving me 2 miles of driving and 3 cents of gas.  Now that is real savings we can bank on.

Now I know the moonbat urbanist Democrats are all salivating at the change to raise taxes for the rich.  My boss is rich, and he employs me.  Times are tough here in the valley for engineering work.  He keeps me here only because I’ll be getting that coveted P.E. license in 2 years, and he wants to retire.  Other than that, I’m destined to be an unemployed gardener at my house.   If they raise his taxes, he’ll have to cut me to make ends meet.  He understands this, and I understand this.  The Democrats don’t.  They see more money to give to me when I assimilate into the sheeple fold, because all people on unemployment must be Democrats.

The many, many moons of living in south Louisiana taught me to prep for hurricane season.  I still check the National Hurricane Center’s website daily to see what is going on out there.  I would have my preps done for a storm and check the NHC predictions, then check what the state was doing for evacuations.  I always sheltered in place.  But I enjoyed watching the sheeple that went nuts the days and hours before buying up beer and smokes.  This time, it’s the DJIA I’m watching, and the spot price of gold.  But no one around and no one in the media is mentioning it.  It’s downright scary.  But at least when it comes, I can tell my wife “I told you so.” 


  1. Well said, MB. I just told my beatiful bride that it is time to pull our money from savings and, at the very least, have it in hand whenever we may truly need it. I will say this-it is definitely a strain to try to prepare for the worst while living a semi-normal life. I want to go ahead and string the barb-wire,but I don't think the neighbors would like it very much. Anyway... keep up the good work.

  2. I think you have it right. Personally, I wish the Republicans had the stones to simply not go with a debt ceiling raise. That might have been tough, but it would have shown the world we meant business. As it is, we got the worst scenario all around. Nobody , including our own citizens, believe we are going to do anything serious about the debt. Your post explains exactly why that is so. Our credit rating still got lowered, the foreign investors who buy our paper so we can borrow .44 of every $1.00 we spend are disenchanted. It's entirely possible that this time, the government has crossed the line and started something they can't control.