Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why I prep.

There is an article on Yahoo news about a Navy SEAL that was killed a short while back.  I've never been in the military and never plan to, I have immense respect for those who defend my right to write this blog and to live as I see fit.  

Man's best friend mourns death.

The following is one of the commenters:

"this guy is NOT a hero, he's just a casualty of war his death was caused by bad luck THIS guy died in a helicopter crash OK it's not like he used his body as an armor to help save his buddies from a grenade and besides I'm sick of all you veterans talking about fighting for my freedom that's BS my freedom is backed by the Constitution your fighting and alleged sacrifices ain't shit"

The above person is sadly a growing trend of moonbats and mouthbreathers growing in this country.  

I prep because one day his ideals will become mainstream.

I prep because one day I will have to defend my lifestyle from people like him or her.

I prep because people like him or her is leading this once-great county to its' doom.

I hope and pray that the above commentator will one day, even for an instant, realize how wrong they are.  Probably the split second before a biker gang takes their life for a gallon of water and a can of green beans.  

This guy made me sick to my stomach.  


  1. What's truly is painful is the fact that this soldier (and many others) died to protect this idiot's right to spout this garbage.

    I don't remember all the idiots shouting baby killer etc during the Vietnam war to soldiers returning home, many of which were drafted and didn't go to Vietnam by choice. But I did see their disgraceful footage on TV later on.

    This is what your idiot reminds me of.

    God help us all if this is what is about to start happening again.

  2. The guy who wrote that is not very intelligent and has no imagination. If you have ever been on a helicopter with people shooting at it you know what a sitting duck it is and how terrifying it is to be on the thing. Those SEALS got on the bird of their own free will, and I doubt the writer would have had the stones to do that. He needs to keep his mouth shut since he's talking about something he knows absolutely nothing about. A good attitude adjustment with an ax handle would teach him some respect.

  3. Matt, I think this was some emo 10 year old moonbat kid taught to hate soldiers and that the 1st Amendment only goes for their speech.

    AH, I would recommend a baseball bat to this kid's parents for raising a total waste of carbon.

  4. To be blunt, and please excuse my language, this girl is a dipshit.

  5. Agreed.

    But they are like roaches: If you see one, there must be another hundred thousand procreating behind the fridge.

  6. The idiot who wrote this comment does not deserve to be acknowledged. This kind of stuff hits home with me. My unit in Iraq had 7 KIA. All most vet's want is a thank you, something most Viet Nam vets did not get. I am a member of 2 combat vet groups, many of whom were in Viet Nam and to this day when meeting each other will say "welcome home"

  7. Duke, I am eternally grateful for people like you and my grandparents who have and are still teaching me that freedom is never free. People like the moron that posted that comment on yahoo have been taught that freedom is free and that people who serve or served are filled with hate in their hearts. They are taught by moonbat teachers who’s only grasp of reality is what is on tv and is told to them through movies and Michael Moore. I wasn’t putting that commenter on a pedestal, but rather pointing out that this is what people are being taught about respecting the fallen. And if that is how they show respect, how much corrupt are their ways of looking at our preps? I want to be as far away as possible, because when SHTF, I don’t have the military training that you do to point my weapon at an enemy and pull the trigger. If that day comes, I hope to have courage and bravery that you possess.

  8. Mudbug, thanks for the kind comments. you actually just gave me a future topic to write on.

  9. some people are just to stupid to be allowed freedom of speech. it is the military that keeps our enemies from wiping their ass with the constitution. It's only as good as the people who protect it.

  10. some people are just to stupid to be allowed freedom of speech.they don't understand that the military is all that prevents our enemies from wiping their ass with the constitution. Without the resolve of freedom loving men and women the constitution would have disappeared long ago.Like they say: freedom isn't free